Alistair Gordon

Keyboards, vocals

Alistair Gordon

Alistair has had a relatively small part to play in the band’s past but he is a crucial figure in current activities. Alistair first worked with the band in 1989 providing backing vocals on the “Whatever it Takes” album. He played keyboards with the band on their occasional gigs after that set.

In 2009, he has joined with Darren Hirst and Martin Kronlund with the aim of bringing the band together to produce an album from the tracks that Paul Young was recording when he passed away.

He was co-producer on the 2009-2010 sessions as well as adding keyboards and vocals.

Away from Sad Café, Alistair has filled more roles than you’d care to count. In recent times, he has his own band, Radio Silence and has worked with Russell (The Voice) Watson. Prior to that he worked on solo projects, been a part of the ZuZu Sharks and shared lead vocals in Bankstatement, a band that Tony Banks had as a side project, outside of Genesis.