Sad Cafe Live!

DVD/CD release-Sad Cafe "Access All Areas!

Their new release "Access All Areas" was recorded in 1980 in Nottingham and features the band at the peak of their live powers. Original lead singer, Paul Young is featured along with current members Dave Irving, Ian Wilson, and Ashley Mulford. Package contains both CD/DVD version of the show The concert was originally recorded for ITV's peak-time broadcast "Rockstage" show and is now available on CD and DVD for the first time. It features 10 tracks from their classic "Facades" tour: Originally the TV programme was split into two bands but ITV gave the whole hour special to Sad Cafe

1. On With The Show 2. Emptiness 3. Strange Little Girl 4. Every Day Hurts 5. What Am I Gonna Do 6. Keeping It From The Troops 7. My Oh My 8. Take Me To The Future 9. Immortal 10. Black Rose

Released on Demon Records through Edsel in the UK, it sees Sad Cafe take a sneaky peak back over their collective shoulders as they consider their next move for the future.


CD release-Paul Young Chronicles

Release "Chronicles" a collection of tunes written mostly by Paul that were repaired and then reproduced in Sweden by members and friends of the Sad Cafe. Can still be purchased at Amazon etc.